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Self Employed

Tax & Accountancy Services for Self-employed & Sole Traders

If you are planning to build your own business, venturing as a sole trader is probably the quickest way to do it. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of registering your business at Companies House and the administrative obligation will not be as burdensome as that of a Limited Company.

However, your decision to trade sole and be self-employed is still a serious commitment. The success of your venture depends on your ability to handle your business on a daily basis. Aside from managing the business operations yourself, you will also have to take full responsibility of your taxes and accounts.

This is where KRC & Associates comes in; we shall help you to handle your taxes and accounts, so that you can focus on expanding your business.

Self-Employment & Sole Trader Service

Our self-employment and sole trader service package include:

  • Business registration – we shall assist you to register your business with relevant authorities and direct you to procedures ahead.
  • Accounts – at the end of each fiscal year, we shall help you to prepare your end of year accounts.
  • Tax Return – in addition to the above, we shall assist you to complete your self-assessment tax return (SATR), covering all aspects of income and allowances that you may be entitled to.
  • Support and advice – an on-going support with the management of your business as well as your tax affairs.
  • Online filing – we offer a fast, reliable and secure submission of HMRC forms through our online filing system to ensure that all the information is submitted on time.

Our Goal

Our team of expertise will ensure that they work along your side and your business in order to maximise the profitability and reduce your tax liabilities. Our aim is also to see the growth of your business and recommend necessary steps at the right time. Running a business for the first time can be daunting with all various tasks, we at KRC & Associates make sure we enlighten you with advice and walk along your side.

KRC and associates have been my preferred accountants for the last 13 years. They have always provided an excellent service and with their diligent efforts have help grow my dental business. We have increased our po...

Dr A K Patel, Principal Dentist



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